Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome--and beware!

I have started this blog as a service to the world.  In my 42-some years of life, I have learned a few things. Many of them, I was taught by friends and loved ones. Others I learned by living--I had to, because they are the THINGS NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU. And of that last category, some of those life lessons came with considerable pain, surprise, and occasionally suffering or irritable bowels.

My hope in this blog is to offer a forum for all of us to share those very things. I don't fully know why people don't talk about this stuff. Maybe it's too hard to do so, maybe there's schadenfreude at work, maybe we secretly want you to be in the same lot we are all in.

Nevertheless, consider this blog a collection of "spoiler alerts"--I hope to alert you all to the things that, well, spoil it all from time to time.  So enjoy, add your own comments, and beware of smiling, congratulating faces--they may simply be smiling because they know that soon enough, you will be suffering too!